“Before I realised, I was sitting in a red BMW e30 with only a few hours of driving experience. It was amazing.”


It all started at a local cinema, when I first saw The Fast and the Furious on a big screen. Watching those cars oversteer so controlled, it looked so damn cool and I thought to myself: I want to do this too. From that moment I was obsessed by drifting. Unfortunately I was way too young to drive a car, so instead I filled my time with watching loads of drift videos on YouTube.

When I was 13 years old, my older brother Jeroen started giving drift courses in Zandvoort and by the time I was 14, he taught me how to change gear and showed me how drifting works. Not long after that, my father and his friend took part in a drift course. However, due to an injury, my dad’s friend could no longer participate and had to give up. Because of this, an extra seat came free and my dad thought instantly of me and asked if I would like to join. I couldn’t believe it. Before I realised, I was sitting in a red BMW e30 with only a few hours of driving experience. It was amazing.

I can’t describe the feeling of going oversteer. It slowly became a hobby of mine and my dad and I took several drift courses in Zandvoort. Because we both enjoyed doing this so much, having a drift car of your own was the logical next step. My dad decided to look for a car and paid a visit to Paul Vlasblom, a drift car dealer. At his place, we bought my BMW e36 325I. I’m still driving this car with great pleasure.

After several years of drifting at drift courses in Zandvoort, I really wanted to take it to the next level, meaning drifting competitions. At this point I got in touch with Olaf Commijs. Olaf and I were co-workers at Bleekemolens Race Planet and we talked about drifting all the time. Suddenly I received an email from him with a proposal. He would love to escort me in competitive drifting. And the rest is history…