The Irish Drift Championship (IDC)

12 December 2018

The Irish Drift Championship (IDC) is the most followed and supported motorsport series in Ireland, while the nation of Ireland only has one real racetrack and the series only exists for 15 years. The IDC is nowadays regarded to as one of the leading professional drift series worldwide based on popularity, presentation anddriver talent. The IDC has produced several European and Formula Drift champions, it can bestated that the IDC is a breeding ground for talented drift drivers.

Since the 2018 season, there has been the introduction of prize money, which made the IDC elevate to a really high professional level. Over the course of six events, there was €140.000, – worth of prize money to be distributed among the contestants. With this prize money, the drivers can grow further because they have to worry less about their financial situation. The IDC is nowadays regarded to as the step-up class to European Championship and Formula Drift (the highest level of competition drift series worldwide). The IDC also collaborated with the Drift Masters European Drift Championship at the final round of the 2018 season, with drivers of European level among the drivers of the IDC at Mondello Parc, it was a major eventin the drift world which gained a lot of attention and produced some high-quality drift competition.

Bas will compete in the 2019 season in the IDC, and the goal is to gain as much experience as possible, and even to seriously compete in the championship already. After Bas’ 2018 Nürburgring Drift Championship Title, the need for a step up has been found in de IDC, among several other drift series.